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"... There are many people in Vietnam who feel dissatisfied with life under the physical and mental control of Vietnamese communist regime, and their amount keeps increasing. You can easily catch a grab driver or taxi driver with viewpoint which isn’t so different from thought of many members of Vietnamese democracy movement"

To all the Vietnamese people around the world, who still honor the Gold Flag with Three Red Stripes and consider it as the very flag of Vietnam:

I’m a member of the group Spirit of Tran Van Ba. Now, I can’t reveal my true name. I’m just an anonymous Vietnamese patriot, just like tens of thousands of those who want to contribute to the path of changing Vietnam in a democratic way. I have been a member of this group for three months, a part of movement for Vietnamese democracy for three years.

I have never regretted my choice, as well as many of my friends, my brothers. We share the same view, same belief that Vietnamese people deserve a real democratic regime, a regime which honestly care for them, not a regime with so much propaganda about “development”, “prosperities”, “happiness”, but so few actual policies for the people, so much propaganda about “independence, freedom and happiness”, but so little care for suffering people.

One doesn’t need so many leaked documents and information to know that current politics in Vietnam is corrupted. The single-party regime grants the privilege only to the members of Vietnamese Communist Party. Young people with knowledge and passion but without “red résumé” have very little chance to contribute their abilities to the nation. Vietnam is now heavily ruined by the leaders with low standard but high position in the Communist Party.

One doesn’t need to have spies inside state-owned firms to know that the current Vietnamese economy is unstable. All the effort of State Bank of Vietnam to bump money into stock market can’t prevent it from dropping. The VN-Index plunges to 892.54 point in the final trading session of 2018, despite trillions of bumped money and the so-called promises of Vietnamese leader to keep the VN Index higher than 900 point. The value of Vietnamese currency keeps decreasing and the prices of all products, goods just won’t stop increasing.   

After Black April, Vietnamese Communist forces seized the prosperous Pearl of The Far East, and all they could do was to bleed it dry. The Republic of Vietnam was once a glorious wealthy and democratic land which even raised the jealousy from Singapore and South Korea. Nowadays, even the optimists realize that it won’t take shorter than 20 years for Vietnam to catch up with the Republic of Korea or the Republic of Singapore, of course with the most-required condition that the single-party regime in Vietnam is removed. We, the people of young generations, were raised with illusions about the so-called “socialist market economy” and it didn’t take long for the reality of Vietnam to wash away all those nonsense bubbles from our mind.

Base on my personal experience, I can assure with you that there are many people in Vietnam who feel dissatisfied with life under the physical and mental control of Vietnamese communist regime, and their amount keeps increasing. You can easily catch a grab driver or taxi driver with viewpoint which isn’t so different from thought of many members of Vietnamese democracy movement, of course a careful conversation must go first. Many years ago, I thought that an anti-regime person like me wouldn’t make friends easily, it turn out that there are so many guys in my university share the viewpoint that Vietnam must be changed.

The Vietnamese people, even after years of being brainwashed or harassed by the Vietnamese communist propaganda and security forces, can still realize that there are so many wrong things now. The communist leaders keep boasting about “economic development”, but the fees, the taxes just won’t stop increasing. There are poor people who stole foods just to fill their empty bellies and then are thrown to prison for many years, there are communist officials who cause damage in trillions dong to national budget but are still beyond any punishment.

My friends and I want to contribute our strength, our skills to the path of democratizing Vietnam. I know that’s really a big task, in comparison with our small force, but we believe that even if the mission of restoring the light to a grand mansion full of darkness isn’t easy, it is still better to stand up and start searching for some candle than staying and screaming in the dark. Fortunately, we found more and more candle-searchers after years of working for the democratic movement. But, we still need, we always need the help from Vietnamese overseas communities.

We know that many decades of effort to build your lives in United State of America, in France, in Germany and many countries around the world didn’t go easy on you. Many scandals also happened which made real harsh challenges for Vietnamese overseas communities to maintain the belief in the path of changing Vietnam. But, please think about the Jewish people who had lost their land for more than 3000 years and they never gave up the promise to rebuild a Jewish nation.

Vietnam nowadays is corroded by the greedy communists who only know to burn the people’s money into meaningless projects. Vietnam nowadays is also poisoned heavily by the factories built by Chinese “investors”. Just like the France which were occupied by Nazi forces and the traitorous Vichy government, Vietnam is now endangered by hundreds of thousands of Chinese, in many factories and real estate projects across the country, which poured into our land with the help of Vietnamese communists, who choose to maintain their regime with even the cost of national sovereignty. Our land has been wounded terribly by traitors and Chinese invaders, and need our help to recover its damaged body.

Vietnamese communist leaders always boast about their “comradeship”. However, current politic development in Vietnam shows that their bond is no longer as strong as it used to be. In the final weeks of 2018, the communist forces of North Vietnam continue their so-called “anti-corruption” campaign and aim at the communist forces of South Vietnam. Lê Thanh Hải, former Secretary of the Hồ Chí Minh City Party Committee and his subordinates are now targets of the purging operation led by General Secretary, President Nguyễn Phú Trọng, but the “anti-corruption” campaign didn’t proceed with advantage as many signs of opposition begin to show up right from the Central Committee. In a situation which people keep losing their belief in Communist Party and the corruption is out of control, the Party leaders, led by Trọng, have no choice but to follow his purging campaign and sentence their own “comrades”.

It’s time for them to divide, it’s time for us to unite. There are distances of space, languages, maybe even culture between us, but we can surpass all those barricades with the viewpoint and belief to contribute to the path of changing Vietnam. We have a little campfire here and it is still very small, it needs as much assistance and cooperation as possible to become big enough to stand against the darkness which still occupies the home of Vietnam. However, our campfire is small but we still unite around it, their darkness is big, but can’t prevent them from turning their selves into their own enemies. Divided they fall, united we stand.


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